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Eloïse de Susanne


I retain the words of Vassily Kandinsky, who believed that artistic activity is an "inner necessity." Yes, creation is a path guided by a strong inner necessity. It can make us feel captivated and happy, yet it can also be demanding. We bear witness to this and strive to translate a vibration borrowed from the dreams of our life and our time.

Eloïse de Susanne



At the age of 17, Eloïse set off to explore Australia. Alongside the numerous unexpected encounters with people, art, and culture, she discovered a multitude of horizons. It was an initiatory journey that opened her eyes and instilled a thirst for freedom: from the island of Réunion to artistic squats in Paris, from fine art schools to collective studios. Eloïse embarked on a journey to encounter a world that she paints with a deep need to express herself. She sought to disrupt everything in order to find her own artistic voice today.

Here are the unique works of Eloïse de Susanne:

between reality and the realm of dreams.

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